VICTORIA K. LESLIE                                   


Victoria K. Leslie proudly served our country in the United States Marine Corps.  She graduated from  Hollins University in 1991 with a BA in Economics.

Mrs. Leslie has over fifteen years of direct experience in Army facility planning.  Her experience includes being the Assistant Project Manager and Project Manager of the Facility Planning System (FPS) (Office of the Army Chief of Staff for Installation Management (OACSIM) proponency).  In addition, Mrs. Leslie was the Project Manager for the Army Criteria Tracking System (ACTS).  The management of these systems included thorough corporate database analyses, the origination of criteria implementation methodologies, the development of complex algorithms for automated facility planning tools, the creation and implementation of rigorous quality control / quality assurance and testing controls, as well as the provision of functional and analytical customer support for both systems.

Mrs. Leslie has also participated in numerous installation, MACOM, and/or Region facility requirements analyses using the Army’s legacy planning systems; conducted surveys and unique planning projects; provided force structure and criteria analyses for many programming and design charrettes; conducted transformational beddown and utilization studies, provided in-depth force structure database analysis and facility planning support for many Corps of Engineers Centers of Standardization for standardized unit and installation-driven facilities; and has been a participating instructor in the Master Planning Applied Skills (MPAS) course.

Mrs. Leslie has completed the National Charrette Institute’s Certified Charrette Planner training.

Facility Planning System (FPS)
Mrs. Leslie served as Assistant Project Manager and ultimately Project Manager for the Facility Planning System (FPS).  As such, she was responsible for the sustainment, maintenance and updates (data, criteria and business rules) of a complex automated planning tool which calculates unit and installation allowances for over 50 real property category codes.  This work involved strong analytical skills for understanding current and transformational Army force structure data for Army TOE, TDA and students, as well as an intimate knowledge of Army approved facility criteria for high profile facility types.  Managing FPS included team management, user training, periodic In-Progress Reviews, and customer support.  Mrs. Leslie has spent over 14 years working on this system in a support/assistant project manager/project manager capacity.

Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility (TEMF) Standard Design
Mrs. Leslie served as Facility and Force Structure Analyst on a multi-firm team in support of the Savannah District Corps of Engineers for the update to the 1996 Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility (TEMF) Standard Design.  She was responsible for analyzing force structure date to determine sizing factors for TEMF facilities, space allocation within the facility to meet the maintenance, repair, deployment and training operational requirements of diverse unit types and validate functional relationships within the facilities based on military operational factors and procedures.  In 2004, Mrs. Leslie again supported the Center of Standardization, providing force structure analysis; documenting new functional requirements based in Army transformation from a 4-level maintenance program to a 2-level (Field and Sustainment) maintenance program.

Army Criteria Tracking System (ACTS)
Mrs. Leslie served as the Project Manager for the Army Criteria Tracking System (ACTS), for six years.  ACTS is a web-based repository for approved Army real property space planning criteria, references and related computational algorithms for over 900 Army real property category codes and their related facility category groups.  This work included establishing and maintaining contacts within the engineering and plans/operations communities to track evolving facility standards and criteria; providing customer support, training and periodic In-Progress Reviews.

Standard Design Specific Support
Mrs. Leslie, under a contract to the Office of the Chief of Staff for Installation Management (OACSIM), provided proponent-level facility and force structure analysis in support of Standard Definitive development for General Instruction Building (GIB)/Army Continuing Education System (ACES) facilities and Chapel Definitive Design development.  Tasks included assisting the OACSIM proponent and the Center of Standardization (CoS) Program Managers in analyzing force structure data, installation-level requirements, and space planning criteria development.

Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT) Analysis
Mrs. Leslie assisted the Directorate for Public Works staff for U.S. Army Alaska (USARAK) at Forts Richardson and Wainwright in developing the beddown plan to accommodate the transformation of the 172nd Separate Infantry Brigade into the 1/25th SBCT.  This work included performing facility asset database analysis and validation, identifying temporary and long-term facility requirements for the transformation and training of the 172nd, identification of temporary facilities to accommodate the transformation, projected facility requirements for follow-on contractor support, installation-services impact analysis, and cost-benefit analysis of unit relocations within USARAK.  Additional tasks included facility specific planning and design charrettes, as well as participation in installation-wide community information and planning charrettes.