UFC 4-730-02                                           

Unified Facilities Criteria 4-730-02
Chapels and Religious Education Facilities
Updated 16 January 2004

  UFC 4-730-02 PDF

The UFC 4-730-02 is comprised of two sections. Chapter 1 introduces this UFC and provides a listing of references to other Tri-Service documents closely related to the subject. Appendix A contains the full text copy of the previously released Design Manual (DM) on this subject. This UFC serves as criteria until such time as the full text UFC is developed from the Design Manual and other sources.

The UFC 4-730-02 provides general criteria for designing chapels and religious education facilities.

Note that the UFC 4-730-02 does not constitute a detailed technical design, and is issued as a general guide to the considerations associated with designing chapels and religious education facilities.

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