UFC 4-721-01A                                           

United Facilities Criteria 4-721-01A
Barracks Upgrade Program
Updated 01 March 2005

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The UFC 4-721-01A provides Architectural and Engineering Instructions (AEI) to provide design policy and technical
guidance for design and engineering services in support of the Barracks Upgrade Program (BUP) for Army installations.

The UFC 4-721-01A is effective immediately and applies to the design and engineering elements within all
Major Subordinate Commands (MSC), district commands, and other USACE field offices having Military Construction (MILCON) responsibilities; hereafter referred to as "Design Agency”.

a. The BUP is a long term Army commitment to improve the quality of soldier life by upgrading
barracks such as these designs by Lyles, Bissett, Carlisle, and Wolfe (LBC&W) and the Benham, Blair & Affiliates (BB&A) which were constructed in the 1970's under the Volunteer Army Program (VOLAR). It includes upgrades to other existing Army barrack types to modified one-plus-one criteria. After upgrading, buildings should approximately achieve new space criteria and construction standards in accordance with the standard design package for Unaccompanied Enlisted Personnel Housing (UEPH), (see reference B-7, Appendix B, Architectural andEngineering Instructions (AEI), Design Criteria). This program focuses on the barracks building, i.e., the living areas, walk-in closets, semi-private baths, service area, and building repair. Each project will rely on sound architectural and engineering judgment to ensure the maximum use of existing assets within authorized funds. Recognizing however that existing building configuration, partition location, pipe chase size, structural column arrangement, window location, and other considerations preclude meeting new space criteria and construction standards, the following additional guidance is provided to assist in project development: Under no circumstances will
private living/sleeping rooms be less than 7.9 m2 (85 ft2) in BUP projects.

b. Upgrade barracks consistent with guidance from the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for
Installation Management (OACSIM) to the Army's one-plus-one standard and improve the quality of life for the soldier. The BUP shall meet the Army's one-plus-one standard to the maximum extent
possible/practical within the severe limitations of existing facilities.

c. Minimize costs associated with designing, constructing, and managing the program by
capitalizing on the repetitive nature of the work to keep costs to a minimum.

d. Use a standard design approach to the maximum extent possible to minimize the number of user
requested changes to projects, and capture and reuse additional site specific designs.

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