UFC 4-711-01                                             

Unified Facilities Criteria 4-711-01
Family Housing
Updated 13 July 2006

  UFC 4-711-01 PDF

The UFC 4-711-01 provides guidance for the design, construction, improvement, and repair of Department of Defense (DoD) family housing facilities in the United States, its possessions, and foreign countries.

Goal and Objectives
The Military Family Housing Goal Statement defines the ideal end-state for military communities and housing. It is not intended to be static, but responsive to the dynamics of military family housing needs. The Military Family Housing Goal is:

  • To provide quality-housing neighborhoods to contribute to a strong force of skilled people who provide the readiness of our Military Forces.

 Military family housing objectives support the family housing goal. These objectives are:

  • To bring the existing required housing inventory up to contemporary housing standards (i.e., codes, safety, maintainability, livability, amenities) through repair, improvement and replacement.
  • To reduce energy consumption per Executive Order (EO) 13123.

All military family housing facility programs should use a “whole house” and “whole neighborhood” approach for improvement, replacement, and repair of existing family housing units and neighborhoods, to increase the overall quality of entire Family Housing areas.

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