UFC 3-701-09                                            

United Facilities Criteria 3-701-09
DoD Facilities Pricing Guide 2009

  UFC 3-701-09 PDF

The UFC 3-701-09 supercedes UFC 3-701-08 dated 2 July 2007.  The DoD Facilities Pricing Guide supports a spectrum of facility planning, investment, and analysis needs. This version of the Guide, revised to reflect updated cost and pricing data for FY 2009, is intended to correspond with preparation of the DoD budget for FY 2011. It includes reference information organized into three chapters:

Unit Costs for Military Construction Projects
Chapter 2 provides facility unit cost data for selected DoD facility types in support of preparing Military Construction (MILCON) project documentation (DD Forms 1391) and other project-level estimates in accordance with UFC 3-700-01.

Unit Costs for DoD Facilities Cost Models
Chapter 3 provides unit costs in support of DoD facilities cost models. These unit costs are based upon the reported average DoD facility size or an established benchmark size, as annotated for each Facility Analysis Category (FAC) in the DoD Real Property Classification System (published separately). These unit costs are intended for macrolevel analysis and planning rather than individual facilities or projects.

Common Cost Adjustment Factors
Chapter 4 provides cost adjustment factors for location and future price escalation that are applicable to the base unit costs in both chapters 2 and 3.

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