TC 25-1                                                     

US Army Training Circular 25-1
Training Land
Updated 15 March 2004

  TC 25-1 PDF

The TC 25-1 incorporates changes to Training Circular 25-1, Training Land. These changes:

  • Provide commanders and staffs a sound basis for understanding the changes in maneuver/training area use and management generated by Army Transformation. There are new management structures, new units and training doctrine and new pressures on sustaining existing maneuver/training areas.
  • Describe the Army’s Sustainable Range Program (SRP) goals and objectives for maneuver/training areas.
  • Explain the proposed Army Range and Land Strategy, and how it supports land acquisition and Army Compatible Use Buffers (ACUB)
  • Identify two additional environmental considerations that support regulatory compliance, land stewardship, and Army training.
  • Update current unit maneuver/training area requirements based on Mission Training Plans (MTP) and Combined Arms Training Strategies (CATS).
  • Introduce Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT) maneuver/training area requirements based on MTPs and CATS.
  • Update the Institutional maneuver/training area requirements.
  • Provide a “first look” at the Future Force’s Unit of Action (UA) maneuver/training area requirements.
  • Discuss contiguous and non-contiguous maneuver areas and connectivity among non-contiguous areas.
  • Provide a link to training maps for selected installations.

Maneuver/training area requirements (identified in the TC 25-1) for Army units are based on Army Training and Evaluation Program Mission Training Plans. These documents provide the solid doctrinal base from which unit commanders develop their unit training strategies to train their units for combat.

Army operational missions are conducted in a joint environment, and Army operational training will increasingly include the integration of the other Service’s land, air and sea capabilities and maneuver/training area requirements. Maneuver/training area land requirements for joint operations have not yet been developed, but will be addressed in future updates. It is the primary purpose of the TC 25-1 to state the Army’s core requirements.

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