RPLANS Webrplans Support                      

Rubicon Planning provides RPLANS / WebRPLANS certification, training, administrative assistance, requirements analysis, force structure analysis, TAB analysis...the whole spectrum of support relating to RPLANS / WebRPLANS. This includes support in using and maximizing the utility of the Facility Planning System (FPS), which can help define more precise facility requirements for certain facility types.

RPLANS / WebRPLANS is an automated master planning tool that gathers real property data, force structure data, planning criteria, and allowances from standard Army corporate databases.  It is an integral part of the Army’s legacy planning systems along with the Facilities Planning System (FPS), the Installation Status Report (ISR), the Integrated Facilities System (IFS), the Army Stationing and Installation Plan (ASIP), and the Executive Information System (EIS).

RPLANS / WebRPLANS produces the official Army TAB used in the Short Range Component (SRC), the Long Range Component (LRC), the Capital Investment Strategy (CIS), and the Real Property Master Plan Digest (RPMPD).

RPLANS / WebRPLANS is essential for better planning and budgeting by allowing Army users to share correlated data about real property assets, installation force structure and populations, and facility allowances and requirements. It provides an automated capability focused on existing and future force structure, and current and programmed  facilities that allows planners at all levels to use consistent corporate data to analyze, evaluate and validate installation facility requirements.

RPLANS / WebRPLANS is the primary means for the Army leadership to allocate facility resources to support Army roles and missions. It translates Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) programming guidance, and congressional guidance into planning decisions based on a detailed allocation of forces, manpower, and funds. It produces the Army’s proposal for a balanced allocation of its resources among centrally managed programs for manpower, operations, research, development and acquisition, and stationing and construction within specified constraints.

RPLANS / WebRPLANS Supports:

  • Installation master planning
  • Stationing/re-stationing analysis
  • Installation Status Report (ISR) Infrastructure
  • Facility Degradation Model (FDM)
  • Army RTLP Requirements Model (ARRM)
  • Optimization of Stationing Army Forces (OSAF)
  • Essential Facility Requirements (EFR) charts

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