RPLANS Administration                         

Rubicon Planning helps Installation RPLANS users maintain and monitor their RPLANS data in order to ensure accurate reporting to IMCOM, MACOM, HQDA and other headquarters agencies.  As part of providing RPLANS Administration support, Rubicon will:

  • Establish and monitor users and passwords.

  • Serve as a liaison between the installation and the RPLANS support contractor.

  • Coordinate with administrators of the systems that feed and/or depend on RPLANS, such as the Army Stationing and Installation Plan (ASIP), Integrated Facilities System (IFS), Installation Status Report (ISR), etc.

  • Provide telephonic support to installation users, both in using the system, and in understanding and interpreting the data.

  • Provide a standard set of reports to the installation on a scheduled basis, or upon major changes in source data or system processes; these reports will include summaries of changes in data and processes and the impacts on the installation.
  • Provide periodic on-site reports to the installation; these visits can serve as “refresher” courses for installation staff, review of past actions and future recommendations, and a preview of future actions.

  • Assist installation master planning personnel in preparing for data calls from Garrison command and higher headquarters, including the annual RPLANS Certification.

  • Provide Facility Planning System (FPS) user support in how it impacts the RPLANS data.

  • Provide RPLANS support for the installation master planning staff for the Real Property Planning Board.

  • Provide RPLANS Training.

The Real Property Planning and Analysis System (RPLANS) is the centerpiece of the Army’s legacy suite of automated planning systems, providing critical information to planners at installations, IMCOM Regions, MACOMs and HQDA. The Army planning community uses RPLANS for stationing, SRM and MILCON funding decisions, and in many other actions that directly impact installations.

RPLANS is also the Army’s primary means for developing, reporting and maintaining the Tabulation of Existing and Required Facilities (TAB), a dynamic component of the Real Property Master Plan (RPMP).  RPLANS captures force structure, asset, construction, allowance and requirement data from the Army’s corporate databases, and allows installation users to edit requirements to reflect specific mission facility needs that cannot be captured in an automated environment.

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