Requirements Analysis                          

The Army facilities planning community is responsible for accounting for the Army’s real property and related investments.  One aspect of this planning is correctly aligning the right facilities, at the right time, for the right unit or organization.  A Requirements Analysis allows the installations, regions, and HQDA to proactively plan for upcoming emerging Army initiatives, stationing activities, and to reconcile existing assets to existing needs using current Army criteria.

A Requirements Analysis should integrate a number of different levels of analysis on an as needed basis; these can include:

  • Unit / Organization Mission Analysis
  • ASIP Force Structure Analysis
  • Geographic Analysis
  • Existing Facilities Adequacy Analysis
  • Required Facilities Analysis
  • Existing Installation Master Plan Consideration
  • Land Use Analysis
  • Facility Criteria Analysis
  • Infrastructure Analysis
  • Environmental Analysis

A Requirements Analysis can be conducted for:

  • A particular Unit / Organization
  • A combination of associated Units / Organizations
  • A specific geographic area
  • A single real property type
  • A complex of real property types
  • Proposed Stationing Actions
  • Unique Facility Criteria

Specific output for Requirements Analysis may include:

  • Identification of Requirements Issues
  • Requirements Issue Resolution or Alternatives
  • Specific Course of Action (COA) Recommendations
  • Course of Action Justification Development
  • Preparatory Material for DD1391 Development
  • Installation Master Plan Impact Analysis
  • Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) Cost Estimations
  • Project Scopes
  • Site and Facility Plans
  • Support to the installation in ensuring the requirements are entered into the Real Property Planning and Analysis System


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