ABOUT RUBICON PLANNING                               

Rubicon Planning’s principals and key personnel combine over forty years experience in Army facility planning, automated system programming and management, data analysis and master planning support.  This experience ranges from  managing the Army’s Facility Planning System (FPS) and Army Criteria Tracking System (ACTS), authoring parts of the Army’s Master Planning Technical Manual (MPTM), and in the extensive use and implementation of the Army’s suite of legacy planning systems, including FPS, RPLANS, WebRPLANS, ASIP, IFS and ISR.

The planning process is logical and straightforward, with firmly established business rules, procedures and policies, and a robust toolbox of sophisticated automated planning systems to simplify the process.  Rubicon employs a broad range of experience in the Army’s master planning environment, familiarity with those business rules, policies and procedures, and extensive experience with those legacy automated systems and tools to provide customer-specific real property master planning support to Army installation and headquarters organizations.

Rubicon combines this experience with information and fact gathering, criteria identification, and stakeholder interviews to provide detailed and accurate analyses and actionable recommendations.  Rubicon supports the resulting decisions and implementations by monitoring the progress of the solution, soliciting stakeholder feedback and identifying solution adjustments.  Rubicon is a total planning process provider for the Army facilities community.

Rubicon is a small business entity committed to providing proactive facility planning solutions for the Army.

Key Personnel:
Edward J. Kirmse
Victoria K. Leslie
Matthew W. Kirmse

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