ng pam 415-12                                          

 Department of the Army and the Air Force
National Guard Bureau
NG PAM 415-12
Updated 30 April 2007

  NG PAM 415-12 PDF

The NG PAM 415-12 provides guidance to the States in establishing allowances for building space and supporting items used for programming the construction of Army National Guard facilities

The NG PAM 415-12 identifies the allowable space criteria for facilities supported by Federal contributions to the State, either totally or in part.  It gives information on general construction standards, materials, space allowances, building circulation, and other requirements directly related to programming military construction projects.  As such, it is the major reference in preparing DD Forms 1390/1391.

The NG PAM 415-12 contains information regarding:

Readiness Centers

  • Common Supporting Items
  • Unheated Storage Spaces
  • WMD-CST, CBRNE Facilities

Logistical Facilities

  • Common Supporting Items
  • USPFO Offices and Warehouses
  • Surface Equipment Maintenance Facilities (SEMF)
  • Direct Support Logistical Facilities
  • Unheated Storage Spaces
  • Firefinder Radar Facilities

Aviation Facilities

  • Common Supporting Items
  • Special Aviation Items
  • Unheated Storage Spaces

Training Center Facilities

  • Common Supporting Items
  • Training Center Facilities
  • Local training Areas

Educational Facilities

  • Common Supporting Items


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