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Real Property Master Planning Technical Manual (MPTM)
Updated August 2008

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The Real Property Master Planning Technical Manual (MPTM) provides the Real Property Master Planner with comprehensive guidance on preparing the Real Property Master Plan (RPMP). This manual thoroughly details processes and techniques and defines the tangible products of the RPMP.

The Real Property Master Plan (RPMP) provides direction for the future short- and long-range development of an Army installation. The RPMP is an integrated document made up of five succinct components:

  • The RPMP Digest (RPMPD) – encapsulates the essence of the RPMP. As the installation's general plan, it is the over-arching component of the RPMP and guides the entire scope of the plan.
  • The Long Range Component (LRC) – contains focused, detailed planning strategies that guide the long-range use of land and facilities on the installation. It is a broad-based area analysis of the entire installation projected over a period of 20 (to 50) years.
  • The Installation Design Guide (IDG) – prescribes the urban design character of the installation.
  • The Capital Investment Strategy (CIS) – contains the holistic set of actions needed to create the Real Property Vision. It focuses on strategies to integrate current demands with long-term facility needs, based on assessments of excesses and deficits.
  • The Short Range Component (SRC) – marks the transition from planning to programming and provides a list of projects planned over the next 5 to 7 years.

The Real Property Master Planning Technical Manual educates the Master Planner on how to produce the RPMP. The MPTM also serves as a reference manual on Master Planning and provides technical guidance in implementing Army Regulation 210-20 Real Property Master Planning for Army Installations. The MPTM provides useful instruction for all planners, from the novice to the seasoned professional.

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