Facilities Master Planning                   

Rubicon Planning, LLC provides comprehensive facilities master planning services for Army clients from individual units and organizations, to installations and Headquarters DA organizations.

Rubicon offers Master Planning Services, Facility Planning Services, Requirements Analysis, and can provide specialized, customer-specific support to meet specific master planning needs.

Rubicon’s understanding of facility organizational requirements, force structure, and automated tools such as FPS, RPLANS / WebRPLANS, ACTS, and ISR are critical to any master plan effort.  Using this diverse knowledge enables us to prepare comprehensive facility requirements and planning products which meet the military installation’s current needs as well as its long range vision.

Facility Master Planning Services

  • Comprehensive Master Planning Support
  • Tabulation of Existing and Required Facilities (TAB)
  • Short Range Components (SRC)
  • Long Range Components (LRC)
  • Capital Investment Strategies (CIS)
  • Installation Design Guides (IDG)
  • TAB Updates
  • Planning and Design Charrette Support
  • Basic Facility Requirements (BFR) Studies
  • Modularity Studies
  • Installation Capability Assessments
  • Real Property Master Plans
  • Area Development Plans
  • Mobilization Master Plans
  • Contingency Master Plans
  • Land Use Analysis
  • DD 1391 Development and Validation
  • Facilities Criteria Analysis
  • Force Structure Analysis
  • Corporate Data Analysis
  • Center of Standardization (COS) Analysis Support
  • Economic Analysis and Costing