ISR - Installation Status report          

Installation Status Report (ISR)
The ISR application is designed to provide Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA) leadership, Installation Management Command (IMCOM) Regions, and reporting staffs with information related to an installation’s permanent/semi-permanent real property, major environmental programs, and major service activities. This information is compared to valid and reliable benchmarks for executive level decision-making purposes.

The ISR application provides an analysis process to compare and contrast conditions on the installation as well as the MSC, IMCOM Regions, and Army levels. The ISR relies on data from several Army Legacy Planning Systems, including assets and requirements data from RPLANS.  It creates the commander’s annual report which is developed, reviewed, and approved at installation level and then forwarded to higher headquarters. Through ISR, each installation’s conditions and performance are assessed against Army-wide standards in three areas: Infrastructure, Environment, and Services. The data is consolidated, reviewed, and approved at the MACOM level, and then is forwarded to DA. At DA level, the data is reviewed, consolidated, and used in decision support.

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