IFS - integrated facilities system          

Integrated Facilities System (IFS)
The Integrated Facilities System (IFS) is a Department of the Army approved Standard Army Management Information System (STAMIS) that has supported the DPW community since 1976. The IFS customer base consists of more than 100 Army installations worldwide, DLA installations and sixteen Army Reserve Centers. The IFS addresses the DPW business functions of Real Property, Work Management, Job Cost Accounting, Work Estimating, Supply and Contract Administration. In addition, the system provides automated interfaces with other major Army STAMIS and engineering systems (STANFINS, DCD, DPAS, DJAS, and EIS among others).

The system has matured over the years going from its original batch processing/mainframe mode (IFS-1), to a remote processing mode (VIABLE), to a mini /micro mode (IFS-M), to a network client server (IFS-C/S) mode and currently to a thin-client architecture model.

While IFS is basically an installation business system, it provides upward reporting of common business and performance information to MACOM and DA levels. The Office of the Army Chief of Staff for Installation Management (OACSIM) is the proponent for the IFS system.  The IFS also provides real property assets data to the Real Property and Analysis System (RPLANS).

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