GIB/ACES Standard Design Criteria       

General Instruction Building (GIB) and Army Continuing Education System (ACES)
Standard Design Criteria

  GIB/ACES Standard Design Criteria PDF

The General Instruction Building (GIB) and Army Continuing Education System (ACES) manual provides guidance for the standard design of General Instruction Buildings (GIB) (Category Code 17120). The criterion addresses the inclusion of the Army’s Continuing Education System (ACES) Facility (Category Code 74025), and other special use functional areas located with general instruction classrooms. Including these special areas in the GIB programming is functionally and financially beneficial to the government. Where feasible, it allows for the integration of formal Army training with on and off duty adult continuing education for mission and self-development requirements to maximize the use of a facility.

This standard applies to all U.S. Army elements and as a supplement to  AR 140-483, Army Reserve Land and Facilities Management for Army Reserve facilities. The information is to be used by those individuals involved in the planning, programming, design or evaluation of facilities. The concepts developed in this document are applicable to new construction, although most are also appropriate for retrofit or renovation applications. Some facilities will have special needs in addition to the basic GIB criteria and these should be considered during planning and design. Examples are the U. S. Army War College library and auditorium requirements.

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