FPS - Facility planning system              

FPS is a forward-looking automated planning tool providing Army planners with the ability to determine facility allowances and requirements using Army corporate data, criteria and algorithms. Planning and reference data includes Army organizational data for personnel and equipment, facility space planning criteria, Army course and student data, and detailed methodology reports. The Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (OACSIM) is the proponent for this system. The FPS is updated on an annual basis, in November of each year. As the data supporting FPS calculations becomes available on a more frequent basis, the system will be reacting with more frequent updates. A
modernized web version of FPS is currently in development.

FPS Allowances
An allowance is the amount of a given facility category code (CC), expressed in an appropriate Unit of Measure (UM) and determined using standardized and approved criteria. FPS calculates the allowances for Objective (OTOE) and TDA data for over fifty different facility category codes. These category codes are primarily those required at the unit and organizational level (unit headquarters, maintenance facilities, instructional facilities, aviation facilities, and parking facilities). The FPS calculation methodology includes the use of HQDA approved facility space planning criteria and HQDA corporate-level organizational documents and unit/organizational personnel and equipment data. For each category code, FPS provides the allowance as well as the supporting details of how the allowance was calculated, relevant to the specific unit or combination of units. The FPS' calculated allowances reflect HQDA approved allowances, and in most cases, the calculated allowances for these supported category codes are fed into, and propagated by the Real Property Planning and Analysis
System (RPLANS).

FPS Requirements
A requirement is a facility quantity/capacity determined by the installation master planner and used in lieu of the HQDA approved calculated facility allowance when that allowance is determined to be inadequate for a particular unit or organization. In FPS, the user can use the Requirements Calculator to modify a number of data inputs or methodologies to adjust for specific situations or changes to the unit or organizations mission, personnel or equipment. The resulting report documents the original allowance, and the resultant requirements based upon modifications made to the calculation inputs. These new requirements may be used, with justification, as the basis for a requirements edit in

Reference Material
In addition to allowance and requirement calculations, FPS users can obtain mission, personnel and equipment data for HQDA approved OTOE units. All unclassified OTOE unit data and TDA organizational data are available in FPS. The intent is to help users understand why certain units or organizations get the facility allowances they do. A search feature also allows users to look for specific information, like a piece of equipment (by Line Item Number), or a specific Military Occupational
Specialty (MOS) which may be driving the allowance.

Rubicon and FPS
Mrs. Victoria Leslie has over twelve years experience working with the FPS, serving as Trainee, Planner, Assistant Project Manager and Project Manager. She has been responsible for the sustainment, maintenance and updates (data, criteria and business rules) of the FPS system. This work involved an understanding of current and transformation Army force structure data for Army TOE, IDA and student populations, as well as an intimate knowledge of Army approved facility criteria for high profile facility types. A modernized web version of FPS is in development by its current contractor. To support this effort, Mrs. Leslie is assisting with algorithm restructuring and updating.

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