ETL 1110-3-466                                           

ETL 1110-3-466
Selection and Design of Oil/Water Separators at Army Facilities
Updated 26 August 1994

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The military is one of the largest purchasers of oil/water separators in the United States. The number of separators currently owned and operated by the U. S. Army is in the thousands. A typical installation such as Ft. Carson has in excess of 150. In recent years, it has become obvious that many of the separators the military has installed are not performing as anticipated. Inadequacies have often resulted from poor design, improper selection of pre-manufactured, off-the-shelf units, failure to adequately understand the character of wastewaters being treated or pretreated, and lack of maintenance, frequently caused by not providing convenient access to the separator and its components. The same problems are very common with field-constructed separators.

The Army has historically purchased and installed separators under the assumption that they have only an oil/water separation problem to solve. However, the most common military applications seldom involve simple oil and water mixtures. Waste streams encountered frequently contain significant quantities of dirt, cleaning aids (detergents, solvents, etc.), fuels, floatable debris (vegetation, light sticks, etc.), as well as various other materials such as ammunition and ammunition casings, bolts, beverage cans and other items common to military equipment and activities.

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