DODI 4165.3                                               

Department of Defense Instruction 4165.3
Department of Defense Facility Classes and Construction Categories
Updated 24 October 1978

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The DODI 4165.3 reissues reference (a) to include new Facility Classes and Construction Categories and to change the Unit of Measure or numerical code on a number of existing Facility Classes and Construction Categories.  It also establishes uniform Facility Classes and Construction Categories together with a numerical code, for use in identification and classification of real property.

The provisions of the DODI 4165.3 apply to the Military Departments and Defense Agencies (hereafter referred to as "DoD Components"), and shall be applied to planning and programming, budgeting, accounting, record keeping and reporting in the areas of construction, inventory, and maintenance (insofar as practicable) of real property. This Instruction does not apply to rivers, harbors, and flood control projects (civil works) of the Department of the Army, nor to emergency construction accomplished by armed forces in direct support of combat operations.

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