DD 1391 Planning Charrette Process     

DD Form 1391 Preparation Planning Charrette Process
Updated 6 November 2003

  DD 1391 Preparation Planning Charrette Process PDF

The purpose of the DD Form 1391 Preparation Planning Charrette Process document is to identify and resolve issues of standardization, functionality, location, scope, and cost which might otherwise affect execution of the project. The objective deliverable of the Planning Charrette is the Department of Defense (DD) Form 1391 signed by the Installation / Garrison Commander, and the Planning Charrette Validation Form (see Appendix D), signed by project users and relevant installation staff. The Validation Form constitutes agreement and should facilitate the design process. Identification of issues, which cannot be resolved in the Planning Charrette process, can, and should, slow project execution until these issues are resolved. Planning Charrettes do not eliminate a need for the much more detailed Design Charrette conducted with Planning and Design (P&D) funding later in the project.

The DD Form 1391 Preparation Planning Charrette Process document is applicable to the Army Regions, Major Army Commands (MACOM), Army Installations, USACE Major Subordinate Commands (MSC), and US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) districts with a mission to support the design and/or construction of Military Construction, Army (MCA) projects. This Engineering and Construction Bulletin (ECB) supersedes ECB No. 2002-16, issued 28 Jun 02.

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