DD form 1354                                           

  DD Form 1354 PDF

Rubicon Planning, LLC provides assistance to Army Real Property Accountability Officers (RPAO) including support throughout the DD 1354 process.

The DD Form 1354, Transfer and Acceptance of Military Real Property, is used to establish a
process to transfer and accept real property accountability and costs for capital improvement projects in a timely and consistent manner throughout the Department of Defense (DoD) and between Military Services. Another purpose is to ensure the timely and consistent posting of newly constructed and transferred facilities and their costs into the real property database.

Required Data
The essential information required for the transfer and acceptance of real property is documented
on the DoD Form 1354 and this information supports entries into the installation’s real property accounting system. The format has 28 data blocks. Because this form is used for the variety of purposes described in above, not all of the data blocks are required for each usage. When a block is not to be filled out for a particular usage, enter N/A for “not applicable.” There should be no blank data fields except in the block 23, Item Remarks column, where blanks are allowed.

Where do DD Form 1354 Data Come From?
The construction agent and the installation team must work together to collectively provide the
data to accurately prepare a DD Form 1354 at the right time. Most of the data are first available during the design phase of a project, and the draft DD Form 1354 should be included in the design scope of services to the construction agent as a required deliverable. Installations should review and approve the draft DD Form 1354 as part of their review of other design deliverables.

The DD Form 1354, Transfer and Acceptance of Military Real Property, requires the preparer to
provide specific information about the project. Information such as description of the real property facilities, category codes and sizes, costs, fund source(s), contract number(s), facility numbers, and as built drawing numbers, is typically required. For real estate transactions, the real estate instrument (document) contains much of the required information.

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