DA PAM 10-1                                             

Department of the Army Pamphlet 10-1
Organization of the United States Army
Updated 14 June 1994

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The Army is a unique structure of organizations focused on one goal:
fighting and winning our nation’s wars. The Army is one component of the armed forces of the United States. Its expertise is sustained land combat and operations other than war. All organizations of the Army perform certain roles, functions, and missions. The front line Unified Command Organizations are the high visibility mission executing units. Their success is dependent on proficient, timely, and responsive execution of functions by the combat developers and trainers; materiel developers and sustainers; and those who focus on command, control, communications, and intelligence activities. No one organization or group of organizations can be successful without the others. Intrinsic to each organization are the active and reserve soldiers, civilians, and leaders who make up uniformed service members and their Department of the Army civilian peers. Equally important is the infrastructure support required by the Army and provided by family members, industrial suppliers, and communities. Today’s all volunteer Army is proven in battle, readjusting to new requirements, managing available resources, and focused on evolving tomorrow’s Decisive Victory Force.

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