CEHNC 1110-1-23                                        

CEHNC 1110-1-23
Infantry Platoon Battle Course (IPBC)
Updated December 2004

  CEHNC 1110-1-23 PDF

The CEHNC 1110-1-23 design guidelines provide direction to designers and planners for the following standard ranges. All of these standard ranges fall under the mandate of Training Circular (TC) 25-8, Training Ranges.

The Infantry Platoon Battle Course (IPBC) guidelines identify the interface points between the automated target system installation contractor and the range construction contractor, facilitate the standardization of range facilities, and note salient points and design criteria for standardized ranges. Recommended range layouts and design guidance are also included; definitive details for support facilities required on the ranges are provided for viewing (MicroStation files can be provided upon request). Adaptation of the standard designs to meet site-specific conditions is the responsibility of the designer.

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