Army Stationing and Installation Plan (ASIP)
The Army Stationing and Installation Plan is the official Army force structure database of populations on Army installations worldwide. It is based on the Structure and Manpower Allocation System (SAMAS) and The Army Authorization Document System (TAADS) as well as many other official Army data sources. The ASIP provides a population baseline for installation planning that provides a consistent look at forces to be supported and provides visibility of potential planning issues. The ASIP data is a basis for Military Construction (MILCON), Installation Status Report (ISR) data collection, Base Operations (BASOPS) Service requirements, and is used by the Army Staff as the database of record for installation demographics. The proponent for the ASIP is the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (ACSIM). Authority for the ASIP is AR 5-18.

The ASIP Web-Application
This ASIP Web-Application allows an authorized user to query the latest official ASIP data. Users can access ASIP information by query or drilling down either by Installation Management Command (IMCOM) Regions, Army National Guard (ARNG) States, Army Reserve Command (RRC), or geographically. The ASIP Web-Application provides access to historical ASIP data going back to FY 1993 and provides standard reports, custom reports, and data export tools. Finally, the ASIP Web-Application allows Installation Managers to edit and update tenant information. These updates are subjected to review and approval via the Web-Application by HQ NGB, HQ IMCOM, and the OACSIM.

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