Army Reference documents                  

Rubicon uses Army reference documents whenever possible to provide a baseline for facilities allowances and requirements.  These references include Army regulations, DA Pamphlets, National Guard Pamphlets, Unified Facilities Criteria, Standard Design Guides, Technical Manuals, Field Manuals, and other guidance.  Below are some of the reference documents and source materials we refer to most often as well as many other commonly sought after documents.

Army Regulations (ARs)
AR 140-483 - Army Reserve Land and Facilities Management
AR 200-1 - Environmental Protection and Enhancement
AR 210-14 - The Army Installation Status Report Program
AR 210-20 - Real Property Master Planning for Army Installations
AR 210-50 - Housing Management
AR 350-19 - The Army Sustainable Range Program
AR 405-10 - Acquisition of Real Property and Interests Therein
AR 405-45 - Real Property Inventory Management
AR 405-70 - Utilization of Real Property
AR 415-28 - Real Property Category Codes
AR 420-1 - Army Facilities Management
AR 5-18 - Army Stationing and Installation Plan
AR 71-32 - Force Development And Documentation—
Consolidated Policies
AR 710-2 - Supply Policy Below the National Level

Department of the Army Pamphlets (DA PAMs)
DA PAM 10-1 - Organization of the United States Army
DA PAM 415-15 - Army Military Construction Program Development and Execution
DA PAM 415-28 - Guide to Army Real Property Category Codes
DA PAM 420-06 - Directorate of Public Works Resource Management System
DA PAM 420-10 - Space Management Guide
DA PAM 420-11 - Project Definition and Work Classification
DA PAM 750-8 - The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS) Users Manual

Design Guides (DGs)
DG 1110-3-106 - US Army Service Schools
DG 1110-3-110 - Design Guide for Libraries
DG 1110-3-122 - Design Guide for Interiors
DG 1110-3-138 - Dependent Youth Activity Centers
DG 415-1 - Readiness Centers

Department of the Army and the Air Force
National Guard Bureau (NG PAMs)
NG PAM 210-20 - Real Property Development Planning Procedures for The Army National Guard
NG PAM 415-12 - Army National Guard Facilities Allowances

Technical Instructions (TIs)
TI 800-01 - Design Criteria

Training Circulars (TCs)
TC 25-1 - Training Land

United Facilities Criteria (UFC)
UFC 1-300-08 - Criteria for Transfer and Acceptance of Military Real Property
UFC 3-210-02 - POV Site Circulation and Parking
UFC 3-701-09 - DoD Facilities Pricing Guide 2009
UFC 3-701-01 - DoD Facilities Pricing Guide 2010
UFC 4-214-02 - Army Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facilities (TEMF)
UFC 4-440-01A - Storage Depots
UFC 4-711-01 - Family Housing
UFC 4-721-01A - Barracks Upgrade Program
UFC 4-730-02 - Chapels and Religious Education Facilities

Miscellaneous Documents
2008 Guidance for Real Property Inventory Reporting
CEHNC 1110-1-23 - Infantry Platoon Battle Course (IPBC)
DD Form 1354 - Transfer and Acceptance of DoD Real Property
DD Form 1391 Preparation Planning Charrette Process
DODI 4165.14 - Real Property Inventory and Forcasting
DODI 4165.3 - Department of Defense Facility Classes and Construction Categories

ETL 1110-3-466 - Selection and Design of Oil/Water Separators at Army Facilities 
GIB/ACES - Standard Design Criteria
LEED for New Construction & Major Renovations
Real Property Master Planning Technical Manual (MPTM)

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