ACTS - Army Criteria Tracking System 

The Army Criteria Tracking System (ACTS) is a U.S. Army Web Site and is the Army's official repository of consolidated space planning, utilization and design criteria, citing relevant reference documents. This site provides users with a single point reference library of current and applicable planning documents and facility criteria. The Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (OACSIM) is the system proponent. Users range from HQDA to Installation level planners, Corps of Engineer personnel at all levels, as well as their supporting contractors.

ACTS contains entries for over 900 Army Real Property Category Codes (reference AR 415- 28). These category codes serve as the backbone of the system. Specific information regarding these category codes includes Category Code Description, Basic Criteria, References, Special Information, and Land Use. At the category codes level, the available FPS calculation methodology is presented to the user for informational purposes. In addition, Facility Category Groups (FCGs) used by many of the Army's legacy planning systems (RPLANS, IFS, and PRIDE) are presented with relevant information regarding their use in those systems.

ACTS is located at:

Rubicon and ACTS
Mrs. Victoria Leslie served as Project Manager of ACTS from 2000 to 2006. This work included establishing and maintaining contacts within the engineering and planning communities to track evolving facility standards and criteria; providing customer support, training and periodic In-Progress Reviews.

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