This acronym page contains a comprehensive list of Army/Military acronyms and abbreviations.


AAFES - Army and Air Force Exchange Service

AAS - Analysis of Alternatives Study
AASA - Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army
AC - Active Component
ACA - Army Contracting Agency
ACOM - Army Command
ACSI - Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence
ACSIM - Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management
ACTEDS - Army Civilian Training, Education and Development System
ACTCO - Action Code
ACTS - Army Criteria Tracking System
ACUB - Army Compatible Use Buffer
ADCCO - Army Deployment Control Code
ADF - Average Daily Flow
ADG - Area Development Guide
ADP - Area Development Plan

ADT - Average Daily Traffic
AEC - Army Environmental Center
AER - Army in Europe Regulation
AFDP - Alternative Future Development Plans
AFH - Army Family Housing

AFHC - Army Family Housing Construction
AFHO - Army Family Housing Operations
AGR - Active Guard/Reserve
AICUZ - Air-Installation Compatible Use Zone
AIMS - Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions
AIT - Advanced Individual Training
AKO - Army Knowledge Online
ALO - Authorized Level of Organization
AMC - Army Material Command
AMRP - Army Master Range Plan
AMSCO - Army Management Structure Code
AOC - Army Operations Center
APA - American Planning Association
APIC - Army Performance Improvement Criteria
APPGM - Army Planning Programming Guidance Memorandum
AR - Army Regulation; Army Reserve
ARC - Army Reserve Command
ARID - Army Range Inventory Database
ARLOC - Army Location Code
ARNG - Army National Guard
ARPRINT - Army Program for Individual Training
ARRM - Army Range Requirements Module
ASGMT - Army Command of Assignment
ASIP - Army Stationing and Installation Plan
AT - Antiterrorism
ATRRS - Army Training Requirements and Resources
AUTS - Automatic Update Transaction System

BASOPS - Base Operations

BDE - Brigade

BENELEUX - Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg
BES - Budget Estimate Submission

BHRZ - Building Height Restriction Zone
BL - Billeting Load
BN - Battalion

BOIP - Basis of Issue Plan

BRAC - Base Realignment and Closure Commission
BRNCH - Assigned Branch

BT - Basic Training


CA - Expansion Capability Assessment

CAPCES - Construction Appropriation Programming Control and Execution System

CAR - Chief, Army Reserve

CARSS - Combat Arms Regimental Designator
CBRNE - Chemical, Biological, Radiological/Nuclear, and Explosive
CCNUM - Command and Control Number

CCSA - U.S. Army Command and Control Support Agency

CCT - Consolidated Change Table

CEISC - Corps of Engineers Installation Support Center

CEQ - Council on Environmental Quality

CFC - Chlorofluorocarbon

CFR - Code of Federal Regulations

CIO - Corporate Information Office

CIP - Critical Infrastructure Protection

CIS - Capital Investment Strategy
CIV - Civilian

CL - Course Load
CLS - Common Levels of Support
CNGB - Chief, National Guard Bureau

COCO - Contractor-Owned, Contractor-Operated

COE - Corps of Engineers

COG - Council of Governments
COMPO - Component Code

CONUS - Continental United States

CRRC - Construction Requirements Review Committee

CX - Categorical Exclusions

CZA - Coastal Zone Management, State


DA - Department of the Army
DACS - DCSOPS/ACSI Computer System

DAMPL - Department of the Army Master Priority List
DARCOM - Development and Readiness Command
DCSOPS - Deputy Chief of Staff Operations and Plans

DCSPER - Deputy Chief of Staff Personnel

DD - Department of Defense

DDESB - Department of Defense Explosive Safety Board
DEERS - Defense Eligibility Enrollment System
DEM - Digital Elevation Model
DES - Directorate of Emergency Services
DMFO - Defense Medical Facilities Office
DOD - Department of Defense
DODAAC - Department of Defense Activity Address Code
DODD - Department of Defense Directive
DODI - Department of Defense Instruction
DOIM - Directorate of Information Management
DOL - Directorate of Logistics
DOPAA - Description of Proposed Action and Alternatives
DPCA - Director of Personnel and Community Activities
DPT - Directorate of Plans and Training
DPTM - Director of Plans, Training, and Mobilization
DPTMS - Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization, & Security
DPW - Directorate of Public Works
DRM - Director of Resource Management
DSWA - Defense Special Weapons Agency


EA - Environmental Assessment
ECA - Existing Conditions Assessment
EDATE - Effective Date of Action
EEA - Environmental Executive Agent
EFR - Essential Facility Requirements
EGIS - Enterprise Geographic Information System
EIS - Environmental Impact Statement; Executive Information System
EKO - Engineering Knowledge Online
ENL - Enlisted
EO - Executive Order
EPA - Environmental Protection Agency
ERG  - Environmental Review Guide
EU - European Union


FA - Family (Housing Unit, Dwelling)

FAA - Federal Aviation Administration

FABS - Financial and Business Solution

FAR - Federal Acquisition Regulation

FCG - Facility Category Group
FDAAD - Field Derivative (Additive Authorizations) Database

FDM - Frequency-Determining Module
FDMIS - Force Development Management Information System

FDNAD - Field Derivative (Non-Additive Authorizations) Database
FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency
FFH - Flora, Fauna, and Habitat
FFS - Focused Facilities Strategy
FGDC - Federal Geographic Data Committee
FGS - Final Governing Standards
FLETC - Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
FM - Field Manual
FNSI - Finding of No Significant Impact
FORSCOM - U.S. Army Forces Command
FOUO - For Official Use Only
FPD - Federal Planning Division
FPS - Facilities Planning System
FSC - Forest Stewardship Council
FTS - Full-Time Support
FUDS - Formerly Used Defense Sites
FUS - Facility Utilization Study
FY - Fiscal Year
FYDP - Future Years Defense Plan; Future Years Defense Program
FYP  - Future Years Program

G-3 - Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff Operations
GC - Garrison Commander
GCA - German Construction Administration
GCSM - Garrison Command Sergeant Major
GFOQ - General Flag Officers' Quarters
GIS - Geographic Information System
GIS-R - (The Army's) Geographic Information System Repository
GLAC - General Ledger Accounting Code
GOCO - Government Owned, Contractor Operated
GPA - General Purpose Administration
GPS - Global Positioning System
GSA - General Services Administration
GSF - Gross Square Feet
GY - Guidance Year

HABS - Historic American Building Survey
HAER - Historic American Engineering Record

HMMP - Hazardous Material Management Program
HQDA - Headquarters, Department of the Army
HQDA-PRB - Headquarters, Department of the Army, Project Review Board
HQEIS - Headquarters Executive Information System
HQIMA - Headquarters Installation Management Agency
HQ IMCOM - Installation Management Command Headquarters
HQISR - Headquarters Installation Status Report
HQRPLANS - Headquarters Real Property Planning and Analysis System
HQUSAREUR - Headquarters United States Army Europe


IAQ - Indoor Air Quality
IAR - Installation Allowances Report

ICRMP - Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plan

ICUZ - Installation Compatible Use Zone
IDG - Installation Design Guide
IDIQ - Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity
IDS - Installation Design Standards
IFS - Integrated Facilities System
IFS-M - Integrated Facilities System-Mini/Micro
IGI&S - (The Army's) Installation Geographic Information & Services
IGPBS - Integrated Global Presence and Basing Strategy
ILEA - International Law Enforcement Academy
IMA - Installation Management Agency
IMCOM - Installation Management Command
IMCOM-EURO - Installation Management Command – Europe
INRMP - Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan
INSNO - Installation Number
IPT - Integrated Product Team
ISA - Inter-service Support Agreement
ISSA - Inter-service Support Agreement
ISP - Installation Strategic Plan
ISR - Installation Status Report
IT - Information Technology
ITAM - Integrated Training Area Management
ITRO - Interservice Training Review Organization


JAG - Judge Advocate General
JLUS - Joint Land Use Study


LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
LEED®-H - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Homes
LEED®-ND - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Neighborhood Design
LEED®-NC - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, New Construction
LF-TIS - Live-Fire Training Investment Strategy
LIN - Line Item Number
LMD - Lease Management Database
LOCCO - Location Code
Logistics Worldwide
LRC - Long Range Component
LSA - Logistics Support Activity

LUC - Land Use Control

MACOM - Major Army Command
MC - Mobilization Component
MCA - Military Construction, Army
MCAR - Military Construction, Army Reserve
MCARNG - Military Construction, Army National Guard
MDEP - Management Decision Package
MED CIS - Medical Capital Investment Strategy
MED MILCON - Medical Military Construction
MEDCOM - Medical Command
MEPS - Military Entrance Processing Station
MILCON - Military Construction
MIL-STD - Military Standard
MLAP - Military Land Acquisition Proposal
MOA - Memorandum of Agreement
MOC - Management of Change

MOS - Military Occupational Specialty
MOU - Memorandum of Understanding

MPI - Master Planning Instructions

MPTM - Master Planning Technical Manual
MSA - Metropolitan Statistical Area

MTOE - Modified Table of Organization and Equipment

MWR - Morale, Welfare & Recreation


NAF - Non-Appropriated Fund
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NAVAIDS - Navigational Aids
NAVFAC - Naval Facilities Engineering Command
NEPA - National Environmental Policy Act
NGB - National Guard Bureau
NGO - Non-Governmental Organization
NIJ - National Institute of Justice
NMFS - National Marine Fisheries Service
NPDES - National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
NRHP - National Register of Historic Places
NSF - Net Square Feet
NSSDA - National Standard for Spatial Data Accuracy
NTC - Network Technology Command

O&M - Operations and Maintenance
OACSIM - Office, Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management
OCAR - Office, Chief Army Reserve

OCONUS - Outside the Continental United States

ODS - Ozone Depleting Substances
OFF - Officer

OMA - Operations and Maintenance, Army

OPA - Other Procurement, Army

OSD - Office of the Secretary of Defense; Over, Short and Damaged Report
OSUT - One Station Unit Training

OT - Other Tenants

OTSG - Office of the Surgeon General, Army

OEBGD - Overseas Environmental Baseline Guidance Document

P&E - Personnel and Equipment
PAIO - Plans, Analysis and Integration Office
PAM - Priorities and Allocations Manual
PAX - Programming, Administration and Execution (System)
PBBE - Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution System

PBG - Program Budget Guidance
PC - Personal Computer

PCS - Permanent Change of Station

PDM - Program Decision Memorandum

PEO - Program Evaluation Office

PES - Professional Engineering Services

PIP - Priority Improvement Projects

PN - Persons

POC - Point of Contact
POL - Petroleum, Oil and Lubricant

POM - Program Objective Memorandum
POMCUS - Prepositioned Materiel Configured to Unit Sets
POV - Privately Owned Vehicle

PP - Permanent Party

PPS - Project Priority System

PRIDE - Planning Resource for Infrastructure Development and Evaluation
PRISMS/MC2 - Proactive Real Property Installation Space Management System / Management Control Command

PROSPECT - Proponent-Sponsored Engineer Corps Training

PW - Public Works

PWD - Procurement Work Directive


R&A - Review and Analysis

RA - Requirements Analysis
RC - Reserve Component
RCI - Residential Communities Initiative
RCMP - Range Complex Master Plan
RCRA - Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (of 1976)
RDL - Reimer Digital Library
RDP - Range Development Plan
RDT&E - Research, Development, Test and Evaluation
REC - Record of Consideration
REFO - Real Estate Field Office
RFMSS - Range Facility Management Support System
RMA - Range and Maneuver Area
ROC - Record of Consignment
ROD - Record of Decision
ROW - right-of-way
RPAO - Real Property Accountable Officer
RPI - Real Property Inventory
RPLANS - Real Property Planning and Analysis System
RPMP - Real Property Master Plan
RPMPD - Real Property Master Plan Digest
RPMPT - Real Property Master Planning Team
RPPB - Real Property Planning Board
RQT - Annual Training Requirement
RRPB - Range Requirements Prioritization Board
RSC - Regional Support Command
RSG - Regional Support Command Group
RTLP - Range and Training Land Program

SAMAS - Structure and Manpower Allocation System
SBC - Services/Service Based Costing
SDSFIE - Spatial Data Standard for Facilities, Infrastructure and Environment
SDZ - Surface Danger Zone
SF - Square Feet
SHPO - State Historic Preservation Office
SIDPERS - Standard Installation/Division Personnel System
SL - Structure Load

SMC - Senior Mission Commander
SMDR - Structured Manning Decision Review

SOFA - Status of Forces Agreement
SORTS - Status of Resources and Training System

SOURCE - Source of Data

SOW - Statement of Work

SP - Space
SPCM - Space Planning Criteria Manual

SPiRiT - Sustainable Project Rating Tool

SQL - Standard Query Language
SRC - Short Range Component; Standard Requirements Code
SRM - Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization
SRP - Sustainable Range Program
STACO - Station Code
STAMIS - Standard Army Management Information System
STNNM - Station Name
SWOT - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
SY - Square Yards

TAADS - The Army Authorization Documents System
TAB - Tabulation of Existing and Required Facilities
TADLP - The Army Distance Learning Program
TAGCEN - The Adjutant General Center
TAGO - The Adjutant General’s Office
TAP - The Army Plan
TDA - Table of Distribution and Allowances
TDY - Temporary Duty
TEMF - Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility
TI - Technical Instructions
TM - Technical Manual
Table of Contents
TOE - Table of Organization and Equipment (unit)
TPSN - Troop Program Sequence Number
TRADOC - Training and Doctrine Command
TYPCO - Type Unit Code

UFC - Unified Facilities Criteria
UI - User Interface
UIC - Unit Identification Code
UM - Unit of Measure
UMMCA - Unspecified Minor Military Construction, Army
UNMBR - Unit Number
UNDES - Unit Description
UNPID - Unit Package Identification Designator
UNTDS - Unit Description (Parent)
UPH - Unaccompanied Personnel Housing
USACE - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
USAG - U.S. Army Garrison
USAR - United States Army Reserve
USARC - United States Army Reserve Command
USAREUR - United States Army Europe
USARJ - U.S. Army, Japan
USD - U.S. Direct Hire Civilians
USFJ - U.S. Forces Japan
U.S. Forces Liaison Officer
USFWS - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
UXO - Unexploded Ordnance

WBDG - Whole Building Design Guide
WMD - Weapons of Mass Destruction
WOF - Warrant Officer